About Me

Emily the Photographer:

There's nothing like stopping a moment in time with a click of a button. Emily shoots to capture such a moment that evokes the same emotion in 10, 20 even 50 years, as the day it was made.

In 2012, Emily purchased her very first camera and started down a path (little did she know) that would make her creative dreams come true. Each genre of photography is important to her because she believes that every moment, BIG or small is worth preserving.

Emily Behind the Scenes:

Happily married since 2011, Emily and her husband Brad have two beautiful girls, a handsome little boy and two fur babies. If they aren't out taking in the fun Toledo sites and sounds, you can usually find them at home having a dance party in the living room or playing outside. 

If Emily & Brad were not in their current careers, they would flip houses! Yes, they watch Fixer Upper and get inspiration from "Chip n' Jo" when working on their own home. 

Emily is a lover of cooking, baking and all things DIY. She's usually not without a cup of coffee and mascara.


Christy + Becki

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"Emily has perfectly captured so many of our major life milestones and we couldn’t be more grateful for her! She is truly everything you could ask for in a photographer, artist and friend!"

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