Hey Friends,

I've been starting and restarting this blog for who knows how long, but today... I'm showing up. There's always an excuse not to get something done, to focus on the immediate needs of your family and put yourself on the back burner. Blogging used to be a great outlet for me to get back to writing. Yep, I wrote oodles and oodles of stories and poetry back in the day (secretly, I wanted to write a novel at some point). Some were definitely cringe worthy, I'm sure you can imagine. I don't even know where all of that stuff made it to. It's probably in a box somewhere in the basement with my pre-college life or fell off the truck in one of our moves (hopefully). My plan for this blog is to obviously share sessions, but my hope is that is also becomes a useful place for parents to find great tips to help prepare for your session, learn what to expect, a little about my family and I, as well as find realness and humor through the everyday life of raising little ones.

If you're new here, I'm Emily. I've been photographing families since 2011. From 2014-2020 my business focused primarily around weddings, which I loved, but with having 3 children it became incredibly hard to manage, so I decided to make a shift. Learn EVERYTHING I could about creating an amazing client experience and focus on Maternity, Newborn & Family. It's my goal for you to enjoy every part of your experience with me as your photographer. That's why I take such a hands on approach while planning, photographing and delivering your session. I'm there for you through every step! When I opened my Downtown Toledo Luxury Studio, having a space to focus on your needs was my main priority. I know the stress that families go through trying to plan for photo sessions, that's why I take that off your shoulders. Wardrobe styling, hair & makeup, a client closet, in person viewing appointments to help you make the decision of what to do with your beautiful images... all things I love to provide for my clients.

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Family Photographers Near Me
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I am beyond excited to connect with you all on a more personal level and continue to build a family centered community.